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Work Experience

Intern Software Analyst and Developer

Summer 2017

Microsft-Intentional, Bellevue

Worked with the Developer Experience team building & improving tools for development on the Intentional Platform.

Part of the Microsoft Office Product Group

Software Development Engineer 2

2013 - 2016

Flipkart, Bangalore

Designed and developed the Flipkart Digital Products Fulfilment Ecosystem, data storage, fulfilment engine and micro-services, from the ground up to fulfill, track and provide user insights for 1,000,000+ purchases of e-books and digital codes (game codes, software keys) per day

Developed the 0 interest EMI feature, where customers paid 0 interest on installments, thereby increasing sales of large value items by 30% and constituting 15% of all sales in the launch month

Software Development Intern


Flipkart, Bangalore

Helped develop a score scale to improve keyword bidding for Search Engine Marketing cutting search engine marketing costs by 12%

Software Development Intern


Qualcomm, Hyderabad

Controbuted to the Android Linux kernel.

Kernel hacked volume daemon to create a solution for multiple external drive support on core Android platform

Projects & Other work


I work with professor AnHai Doan on the Magellan tool Magellan guides users through the Entity Matching(EM) workflow, step by step. It provides automated tools to address the “pain points” of the steps, and these tools seek to cover the entire EM workflow. Finally, tools are built on top of the Python data science and big data eco-system.

Magellan project link

Implementation and Application of Weighted Score to Determine the Domains Sub-Domains of the Knowledge Represented by Paragraph in A Technical Context

Published at the International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona, July 2013

We proposed a method to classify articles of learning into domains & subdomains Software Training for Students - A responsive website template designed to help web developers/designers market their services.